Yesterday the Memphis Redbirds opened their gates at 1:00 p.m. like usual for a Sunday afternoon home game, except this time the fans’ four-legged friends were able to come too! Shade, water and waste removal were provided for the pups and they seemed to have fun while they were here for Bark in the Ballpark.6-13-10 027.JPG

You had your big dogs, little dogs, hot dogs, crazy dogs (mostly our full-timer Dan’s dog Maizey), some with weird names, others sporting creative outfits and some that I personally wanted to take home with me.

6-13-10 036.JPG6-13-10 053.JPG
6-13-10 055.JPG6-13-10 033.JPG
6-13-10 048.JPG6-13-10 062.JPG

Dollar hot dogs were offered by King Cotton and even more fun was included thanks to Purina, BrownDog Lodge, Invisible Fence and Little Stinkers Pet Waste Removal.

6-13-10<br />
130.JPG6-13-10 266.JPG

Nationally renowned act Jake the Diamond Dog was also in attendance to take over bat boy duties every few innings. He even made it a point to go #1 on the field after taking water to the first and third base umpires. The crowd roared with laughter after figuring out exactly why Jake had stopped in the middle of right field, although I’m sure grounds crew wasn’t very thrilled about it.

6-13-10 206.JPG

The Memphis Animal Shelter joined in the festivities bringing eight dogs that were up for adoption.

6-13-10 004.JPG

I am delighted to say that all the dogs were welcome into new homes, including one Caesar Jameson Rooney, adopted by intern roommates Kevin Rooney and Shane Berliner. They already have some cute family photos, don’t you think?


I’m not sure these boys know what they’re getting themselves into…but Caesar already seems to know that he is the boss and Kevin and Shane are his pets. 116.JPG

Throw in a hot dog eating contest, a new addition to our intern class and puppy pools to keep those doggies cool, and I think we had a
pretty successful Bark in the Ballpark! Thanks to all who made their way to AutoZone Park!

6-13-10 003.JPG

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