Ode to Clapping

We will honor tonight the most traditional form of approval at the game tonight: clapping.  So as something to whet your clapping appetite, we have this:

                                    Jordan with a not so serious clap

               Marketing intern Matt with a very serious and focused clap

                 Ticket Sales Exec Bryan with a happy and festive clap

Which brings us to Stadium Operations intern Shane.  See, since Shane got his haircut a couple of weeks ago, I think he looks just like Jim Carrey from his “Dumb and Dumber” days.  Your thoughts?

dumb and dumber.jpg 

Not to sway your opinion, but I definitely think so.  But I digress…

shane clap.jpg
                 His Jim Carrey looks don’t get him excused from a nice clap

So keep on clapping for your Redbirds!  I am looking forward to seeing everyone at AutoZone Park this weekend!

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