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More Catcher Clues!!

Good news, I have more clues from the Memphis Redbirds catcher! Hopefully we’ll be able to figure out exactly what classroom Kevin is headed to.

The catcher was told he might learn a little about Canada and Mexico in the classroom he is visiting since it is what the students are currently learning. This seems so interesting to him and he’s packed his pencil and notebook for the trip to take notes if he needs to.

He also found out there is one student in the class who loves the New York Yankees, Kevin plans on asking the student why he likes them so much. And hopes he is still a Memphis Redbirds fan also. This would make Kevin very happy.

He is more than excited to meet these 17 students this week and cannot wait to read Junie B. Jones books and talk about the best baseball team around.

Now with these clues I need everyone’s help to find out exactly where Kevin the Catcher will be this week. Can you figure it out? Check
back on Thursday for the answer!

Catcher Stadium.jpg

Jordan. Out.

Where to next?

Catcher AZP.jpg

The Memphis Redbirds infamous catcher is on the loose once again. What is he up to now, you ask? I’m not quite sure, but these are the clues I’ve gathered to help us figure out the mystery location.

Kevin the Catcher is going to an elementary school next week. He heard the class he is going to see likes Junie B. Jones books just like he does! He is still quite frightened to visit because of the Lions they say roam the hallways, but is very excited to know the teacher loves the St. Louis Cardinals and the class is full of Memphis Redbirds fans!

Check back again in a few days for more clues on our catcher’s whereabouts. Hopefully we can figure out where he’ll be before he gets there! Until then…

Jordan. Out.

Wanted: Memphis Redbirds Catcher, #47

He took all of our ticket vouchers!!

If you see the Memphis Redbirds catcher- please let us know. He’s been hiding on the outskirts of the ballpark and was last seen in the elevator on his way out of AutoZone Park late Monday afternoon with buy one get one ticket vouchers in his glove. These are the photos we’ve received of where he’s been spotted around downtown:

 Catcher Stadium.jpg     Catcher FedEx.jpg
                                                                     (We can still see you!)^^

   Catcher Beale.jpg     Catcher YMCA.jpg

 Catcher Ducks.jpg    Catcher Workout.jpg

P3032317 2.jpg    Catcher Weight.jpg

Catcher AZP.jpg     Catcher Duck.jpg

We have a lead that #47 will be at the St. Patrick’s Day parade on Beale Street this Saturday, March 13th and is said to have an entourage with him including nine Redbird Redhots and Rockey.  We urge you to act with excitement if around the catcher and approach him for one of the ticket vouchers he has taken from the Memphis Redbirds. All you have to ask #47 is, “have you caught the baseball fever?”

Anyone who finds this catcher and is able to get a good photo of him, please e-mail them to me at jordan.johnson@memphisredbirds.com. It is crucial that we get a hold of this Memphis Redbird in order to bring you fans great promotions and more ticket voucher deals!