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Bombs Away

Outfielder Joe Mather is claimed off waivers by Atlanta Braves


Around 2:00 p.m. yesterday the St. Louis Cardinals announced on Twitter that Joe Mather had been claimed off waivers by the Atlanta Braves. It wasn’t more than five minutes later when hundreds of tweets appeared from Cardinals fans, sad to see their beloved “Joey Bombs” depart. Joe was touched to hear about all the support people expressed.

“That’s great, my mom told me she read some of the (Tweets)…I don’t get on the computer a whole lot and read any of it, but to hear that some people were sad to see me go- there were a lot of really nice things said, and to hear that is very humbling and it touches me all the way to my heart. That’s another thing about the Cardinals, the fans are amazing and I’ll definitely miss them too, there’s nothing like a Cardinals fan.”

Mather joined the Cardinals organization in 2001 after being selected in the third round (104th overall) of the June free-agent draft. He made his big league debut May 30th, 2008 displaying his talent in two different stints with St. Louis that year. The Arizona resident appeared in 90 games as a Cardinal from 2008-2010 with a .233 average (45Hx193AB), 27 runs, 19 extra-base hits and 21 RBI. Plagued with hand and wrist injuries, specifically a left hamate bone that was broken late 2008, Mather has had a hard time recovering and attaining the same success since his exceptional rookie season in the big leagues. Although he showed promise during 2010 spring training and landed himself a spot on the Cardinals’ Opening Day roster, the right-hander was recalled to Memphis May 28th.



Relied upon as a right fielder while with the Redbirds, Mather was capable of playing first base, third base, left field and center field also. After becoming a key player in the 2010 ‘Birds lineup, he was able to work on improving his performance, collecting 46 RBI and 55 runs in 91 regular season games. Mather also hit 12 home runs, including two bombs in game two of the playoffs against Oklahoma City, recognizing him as the first and only Redbird to hit two home runs in a single playoff game.

“That’s awesome,” he said after being told of his accomplishment. “There’s a lot of history…a lot of great players who have been here so it’s an honor to have that.”

103.jpg 111.jpg

Throughout the years, Mather has been a familiar face of the Memphis Redbirds and the Cardinals’ organization. He has enjoyed interacting with the fans at each level of baseball and made some lasting impressions, developing a large fan base. Joe Mather will be missed by Cardinals fans, who are upset to see him leave, but excited to see what he will do with this opportunity.

“Thank you, the biggest thing would be thank you.” Mather directed towards the fans. “Cardinals’ fans were always great to me, my family and friends. I’d be very surprised if I found better fans than the Cardinals anywhere. I’ll miss them and the love and support that I received; I’ll always respect and be a fan of Cardinals fans. They’re awesome, I’m going to miss you all and thanks again.”


A respected veteran of the Redbirds, several teammates looked up to Joe; as a role model or someone to depend on, but most of all, as a friend. We wish him the best of luck beginning a new journey with the Atlanta Braves and hope to see his hard work and positive attitude put to good use.



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Player Spotlight: Outfielder, Joe Mather



Full name: Joseph Paul Mather


Nicknames: Joey Bombs, Jumper, Joe Joe

Favorite Color: Right now it’s royal blue.

So it changes? How often does it change? If I see a color that I really start liking, I’ll just change it.

Favorite baseball player of all time: Trot Nixon


What team did you watch growing up? The Red Sox

If you weren’t in baseball, what would you be doing? Hopefully I’d be traveling around. If I had to have a job, I’d like to try and play tennis.

Where do you see yourself in 25 years? On a lake somewhere with my family watching my kids grow up.

Do you have any rituals? Drink a cup of coffee, hot tub, stretch and then pre-game high-fives.

Newest Hobby: FIFA 2010 Soccer for Play Station

Best prank pulled that you’ve seen or been a part of while in pro ball? I saw a cop come into the clubhouse and fake arrest a guy for being out after curfew.

Favorite movie: Hot Rod    410w.jpg

Favorite movie quote: “Life is short- stunt it.” ~ Rod Kimble from Hot Rod

Greatest memory since playing baseball: There’s so many…probably getting called up to St. Louis for the first time.

Who is your greatest influence? My parents

Song that gets you pumped up: “Forever” by Drake and “Drop the World” by Eminem

Most embarrassing moment while playing baseball: Running all the way back into the dugout with only two outs.

Describe yourself in five words or less: Goofy (just a little bit), fun-loving and super rad

Can I have five dollars? Sure.  6a0120a85dcdae970b012877709845970c-pi.jpeg

If you were a drink, what kind of drink would you be? Water because I love it. That’s pretty much all I drink, it’s good for you and…I like to be good for people?

Favorite play in a baseball game: Home run, it’s got to be a home run.

Any broken bone stories? Yes, I broke my hand. I broke it in Phoenix, we were playing the Diamondbacks and I was facing Randy Johnson and I swung and broke that bone. I ended up
striking out after that.

If you were a kid would you rather be the one in Rookie of the Year, Angels in the Outfield or Little Big League? Rookie of the Year

Three things you can’t live without: Pizza, Nerf basketball hoop and my iphone

Three people you can’t live without: My mom, my dad and Andy Sandberg

Lightning Round Responses

Dogs or Cats

Summer or Winter

Fruits or Vegetables

Offense or Defense

Movies or Books (although books are usually better)

Ketchup or Mustard

Cold or Hot

Have the ability to fly or read people’s minds

Be able to stop time while you slept or never having to do laundry again

Joe Mather, everybody.



Jordan. Out.

Redbirds Secrets: Joe Mather

Much like outer space, and the New Age section at your local music store*, the human mind is filled with vast amounts of unexplored territory; hidden nuggets of information that often go unrevealed and are carried to the grave.

In most social circles, these hard-to-locate pockets of knowledge are known as ‘secrets’ and they loom in the back of nearly every individual’s psyche, showing themselves in only the most comfortable of situations (i.e. at your Grandmother’s house or while wearing a pair of over-sized sweatpants).

Secrets can be small, like enjoying musicals, or secrets can be not so small, like being an active member in the Julie Andrews fan club (there’s only about ten of us). No matter the size, each man or woman carries with them their own satchel of buried tales that define who he or she is. We at Chirp Chatter have taken it upon ourselves to root our way into the minds of some of this year’s Redbirds squad to see what secrets they might have in a segment we have laboriously titled, “Redbirds Secrets”.

*the secrets found here are probably best left hidden

To start our reoccurring piece, we give you first…Joe Mather.

jms-w-words.jpgAccording to the Media Guide

Born:July 23, 1982 at Sandpoint, Idaho

Resides: Phoenix, Arizona

According to Joe

Favorite Color: Green

Nicknames: Joey Bombs, Bombs

Favorite Famous Mather: Jerry “Beaver” Mathers of ‘Leave it to Beaver’

Best Thing to do in Phoenix: attend Phoenix Suns games.

Recent Broken Bone Story: While batting, the knob of the bat pressed hard into the lower part of his hand and broke the bone. He pointed at the lower metacarpal.

Lightning Round Responses:

  • Dogs over Cats
  • Books over Movies
  • Fruits over Vegetables
  • Country Music over Water Sports

Memphis’ Best Kept Secret: Texas de Brazil

Joe Mather’s Best Kept Secret: He could eat pizza every single day of the year.

Royce Ring’s Best Kept Secret:Likes to go by the name ‘Snoozie’ and is a budding rap star.

Blake Hawksworth’s Best Kept Secret: Often provides Ring with backing beats to rap to and will most likely be Ring’s producer.