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Redbirds Secrets: Joe Mather

Much like outer space, and the New Age section at your local music store*, the human mind is filled with vast amounts of unexplored territory; hidden nuggets of information that often go unrevealed and are carried to the grave.

In most social circles, these hard-to-locate pockets of knowledge are known as ‘secrets’ and they loom in the back of nearly every individual’s psyche, showing themselves in only the most comfortable of situations (i.e. at your Grandmother’s house or while wearing a pair of over-sized sweatpants).

Secrets can be small, like enjoying musicals, or secrets can be not so small, like being an active member in the Julie Andrews fan club (there’s only about ten of us). No matter the size, each man or woman carries with them their own satchel of buried tales that define who he or she is. We at Chirp Chatter have taken it upon ourselves to root our way into the minds of some of this year’s Redbirds squad to see what secrets they might have in a segment we have laboriously titled, “Redbirds Secrets”.

*the secrets found here are probably best left hidden

To start our reoccurring piece, we give you first…Joe Mather.

jms-w-words.jpgAccording to the Media Guide

Born:July 23, 1982 at Sandpoint, Idaho

Resides: Phoenix, Arizona

According to Joe

Favorite Color: Green

Nicknames: Joey Bombs, Bombs

Favorite Famous Mather: Jerry “Beaver” Mathers of ‘Leave it to Beaver’

Best Thing to do in Phoenix: attend Phoenix Suns games.

Recent Broken Bone Story: While batting, the knob of the bat pressed hard into the lower part of his hand and broke the bone. He pointed at the lower metacarpal.

Lightning Round Responses:

  • Dogs over Cats
  • Books over Movies
  • Fruits over Vegetables
  • Country Music over Water Sports

Memphis’ Best Kept Secret: Texas de Brazil

Joe Mather’s Best Kept Secret: He could eat pizza every single day of the year.

Royce Ring’s Best Kept Secret:Likes to go by the name ‘Snoozie’ and is a budding rap star.

Blake Hawksworth’s Best Kept Secret: Often provides Ring with backing beats to rap to and will most likely be Ring’s producer.