Say hello to our little friend

Hey everyone!  Dave here.  Just a little update on our ‘Birds.  We’re down in Nashville, and split the first four games of the series and have a double header tonight.  Be sure to listen to the game on 560 AM in Memphis or online on their web site.  As always, you can also follow live pitch by pitch updates on the game by clicking the “Gameday” link on our homepage next to the batter vs. pitcher match up.

Anyway, remember those horrible storms we had in early May?  Well, what you may not realize was that storm created a little friend here at AutoZone Park. 

close up.jpg

What is that you may ask?  Why, it’s our little press box plant!  It appears to be growing out of the gutter, but we’ve recently officially adopted it as our plant.  Fortunately it rains enough that we don’t really have to worry about watering it, so we don’t do much but watch it grow.

It’s located just off the press box, directly above the first suite to it’s left (your right if you’re looking at it from the stands).  It’s circled in blue in the photo below:

zoom out copy.jpg
Maybe we should name the plant…suggestions are welcome.

So come check it out the next time you’re here at AZP!  Just a reminder, we have an eight-game home stand coming up that begins this Friday.  There will be fireworks on Saturday the 19th and the 24th and don’t forget Father’s Day on Sunday the 20th! 

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