Hey everyone!  Dave here.  Just letting you know, today at 5PM is the final day to vote for the name of the 2010 Redbirds Gameday Program!  “The Bird Feeder” has a pretty substantial lead, but there is a lot that can still happen from now until 5PM so get out and vote by going to our home page ( and scrolling down to the bottom right-hand corner of the page.

Also, we’d like to thank Sports Hot Corner for naming Chirp Chatter the “Cardinals Blogger of the Week.”  There is a fun Q+A with our boss man, Director of Baseball Ops/PR Kyle Parkinson as he answers a lot of questions you might have about working for the Redbirds:


Kyle was the main man in coming up with Chirp Chatter last spring

Thanks everyone for helping us become Blogger of the Week and be sure to keep regularly checking out Chirp Chatter!  Have a great weekend!

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