Coming to a Town Near You!

Hey everyone!  Dave here.  Starting yesterday and continuing for awhile all of the interns are running around the Greater Memphis Area distributing pocket schedules to as many businesses as we possibly can.


getting ready.jpg

 Marketing Intern Matt (right) has done a great job thus far of mapping everything out.


                               One of many stacks of pocket schedules to go out

All 14 of us are in teams of two with a given territory to distribute these pocket schedules.  Yesterday we ht up the downtown area surrounding AutoZone Park, and mostly everyone has been very accommodating.  We feel it’s a win-win for all parties involved.  The Redbirds win because we get added exposure and can get our schedules out to people and the business wins because customers like to know they support other local businesses.


       Promotions Intern Kevin is ready to hit the town in his full catcher’s gear!

My partner in crime is Assistant Grounds crew Ian as yesterday we went down Third and Beale Streets unloading endless amounts of schedules.  It was a little cold, but at least the sun was out so that made walking around a little more pleasant.

ian beale.jpg

Ian heading down Beale Street.

Today we head into the suburbs on what looks to be another sunny day.  So if you’re a business owner in the area, it is only a matter of time until a pair of interns walk into your store.  So in advance we thank you for your support!  If you’re a customer and see the little cardboard box, feel free to take one those pocket schedules, and we look forward to seeing you at AutoZone Park!

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