March Baseball in Memphis

As we wait for the professional ball players to return to Memphis, we fill the baseball void with what we have in the city through our STRIPES (Sports Teams Returning In the Public Education System) program. The following are photos from last Thursday’s clinic at Vance Middle School. For more information on STRIPES, check here.

Thumbnail image for stripes1.JPG

I couldn’t help remembering my Little League career when I was taking these photos. My one shining moment when I hit the ball down into left field for a single. I would usually just hope the pitcher would walk me. I never swung. And the memory of missing an easy pop-up in right field. The highs and lows of the College Grove Hitters.

Any stories out there from the readers? Please comment. Perhaps remembering baseball will help speed up the three weeks remaining before the Cardinals exhibition game Friday April 3.