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Bobbling Down Memory Lane

As men in our early twenties, we can certainly appreciate the good ole days. A happier time filled with fanny packs, flannel shirts and blue jean shorts, greasers and socias, Celine Dion’s Titanic song. Heck, we even remember lunches at the Max with Zach and the gang while we were living in San Francisco with our uncles Jesse and Joey, all while being pestered by our outrageous, though well-intentioned neighbor, Steve Urkel.

The pleasantries that used to be the highlights of our days, like mailing letters and sending regards, are things this Y2K generation will never understand. We only blog to stay relevant. But that’s not to say that people don’t come to us for wisdom which someone in their early twenties could only know. Plant a seed, watch it grow.

Trips down memory lane are important to dudes like us. Let’s face it, aside from a fresh bag of Doritos, there might not be anything we value more. That’s why tonight’s Nostalgia Man Bobblehead give-away is of particular importance. Baseball is an awesome way to forget about the new-fangled problems of the present and just have a good time.

There’s no better representative of that good time than the Redbirds own Nostalgia Man. He graces our logo and stands guard over the park making, and tonight he can be yours. Join us tonight at the ballpark and pickup your own Nostalgia Man, complete with bobbling head.

Let’s remember together.


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