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stache1.jpgThe English. The Natural. The Professional. The Chevy. The Dali. The Handlebar. The Fu Manchu. The Horseshoe. The Imperial. The Lampshade. The Walrus. The Finger. The Tapered. The Painter’s Brush. The Pencil. The Zappa. The Selleck. The Chaplin. The Brimley. The Gelatin. The Caterpillar. The Rib-eye. Whatever your style, it makes no difference, we’re all one in the same.

Earlier this week, the communications department professed we were growing mustaches, that same day the Redbirds started winning. Now five days of growth in (yes that’s right, the pictures are actually rather thinning), the Redbirds have four wins and are going for five. Last night the ‘Birds got their first sweep of 2009 behind the arm of major leaguer and fellow facial hair experimentalist, Kyle Lohse. For anyone to say that the sweep wasn’t the direct result of our lip-friends is clearly not for us, but against us.

The Redbirds are on the brink of their longest win streak of the season at five, thus we are still rockin’ the muzzies! Though the team just dropped three straight to the Isotopes one week ago, the ‘Birds now have the power of the ‘staches…the tashes…the dots and dashes…the soup strainers…the cookie dusters…the flavor savor…the lip spinach…the mousers…the face caterpillars…the northern plumage…the brillo pads…the bum-fluffs…the misplaced eyebrows…the shadow puppets… … …

We encourage others fans and departments to join in on the support of the Memphis Redbirds by growing your own mustache. Who knows, maybe in a few weeks we can start to incorporate the twist or the braid, but until then…Happy Winning and Happy Growing!