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Memorial Day Weekend

Hey everyone!  Dave here.  This might be one of the lazier blog posts in awhile, but we have a super busy Memorial Day Weekend here at AutoZone Park, and I just want to let you all know what we have planned.  Click on the link below to see what’s on tap at AZP!

AZP on

Check it out! We made Sport’s Illustrated website Hot Clicks this morning!!

Woohoo, Go Redbirds!

More Catcher Clues!!

Good news, I have more clues from the Memphis Redbirds catcher! Hopefully we’ll be able to figure out exactly what classroom Kevin is headed to.

The catcher was told he might learn a little about Canada and Mexico in the classroom he is visiting since it is what the students are currently learning. This seems so interesting to him and he’s packed his pencil and notebook for the trip to take notes if he needs to.

He also found out there is one student in the class who loves the New York Yankees, Kevin plans on asking the student why he likes them so much. And hopes he is still a Memphis Redbirds fan also. This would make Kevin very happy.

He is more than excited to meet these 17 students this week and cannot wait to read Junie B. Jones books and talk about the best baseball team around.

Now with these clues I need everyone’s help to find out exactly where Kevin the Catcher will be this week. Can you figure it out? Check
back on Thursday for the answer!

Catcher Stadium.jpg

Jordan. Out.

Breast Cancer Awareness

Hey everyone!  Dave here.  Yesterday was Breast Cancer Awareness Day at AutoZone Park, and by all accounts the game was a resounding success on all fronts.  We defeated the Tacoma Rainiers 1-0 on an Amaury Cazana solo home run in the bottom of the eighth.

As for our uniforms, we had special pink jerseys for the players to wear for the game:




We still have two more games left in this homestand against Tacoma, which means I want to see big crowds on hand!  The weather’s finally clearing up and it won’t be too hot and humid so come on out to AutoZone Park!



Rockin out

Hey everyone!  Dave here.  Earlier this afternoon we were treated to some pretty good guitar playing and singing down in Conroy’s training room.  In case you didn’t know, he is the Redbirds’ athletic trainer who’s responsible for making sure these players are healthy enough to play.

As much as Conroy (below) would disagree, he’s a very good guitarist and singer.  He kicked off the jam session by singing some good Irish songs as well as throwing in some more well known stuff like the Beatles.


conroy pan.jpg

When he was all done, Jordan took her guitar back from Conroy and played as well!  Once again, excellent job Jordan.  She’s actually still playing and putting on another show for more of us in our office as I’m writing this blog.  I’ll take this over Pandora any day.

jordan tight.jpg

jordan pan.jpg



Sam was also in attendance, and he’s currently dabbling to learn some songs.  Sorry Sam, you got a long way to go.

As for me, my musical days left me when I put the clarinet down in the eighth grade.  I’ll leave the music to people who actually have musical talent.

Keep on rockin!

Where to next?

Catcher AZP.jpg

The Memphis Redbirds infamous catcher is on the loose once again. What is he up to now, you ask? I’m not quite sure, but these are the clues I’ve gathered to help us figure out the mystery location.

Kevin the Catcher is going to an elementary school next week. He heard the class he is going to see likes Junie B. Jones books just like he does! He is still quite frightened to visit because of the Lions they say roam the hallways, but is very excited to know the teacher loves the St. Louis Cardinals and the class is full of Memphis Redbirds fans!

Check back again in a few days for more clues on our catcher’s whereabouts. Hopefully we can figure out where he’ll be before he gets there! Until then…

Jordan. Out.

Special Events on home stand #2

Hey everyone!  Dave here.  It was a really successful second home stand for the ‘Birds as they won three-out-of four games against the Albuquerque Isotopes.  We had a bunch of different events headlined by Cinco de Mayo so here are some photos from those four days:

All photos courtesy of Allison Rhoades


broken bat.jpg

Dino 1.jpg

Dino 2.jpg


Hitter 1.jpg






Beale Street Music Festival

Hey everyone!  Dave here.  I hope everyone made it out okay from the horrible rain storm we had this past weekend.  The ballpark (more specifically, the field) was in pretty rough shape, but we worked around the clock to make sure we were ready for baseball against Albuquerque.

We won the first game of the series on Monday 3-1, and we beat the Isotopes again by the same score last night.  Tonight is Cinco De Mayo Night at the ballpark so make sure you come check it out!


Going back to this weekend, I was fortunate enough to attend the Beale Street Music Festival.  I’ve always heard about it, and since there were no home games that weekend a bunch of us decided to check it out.

Some of my personal favorites were Jeff Beck, Mike McDonald, Goo Goo Dolls, Jerry Lee Lewis and Earth, Wind & Fire.

First homestand almost in the books

Hey everyone!  Dave here.  Well, tonight is the last night of the opening eight game homestand.  Right now we’re on a hot streak as we’ve won 4 in a row and rolling.  We had an exciting walk off win last night on a Tyler Henley single in the 10th inning.

On a different note, I actually got to live a life long dream on Wednesday by being a ball boy. 



My first big goal in life was to play professional baseball, but that dream died a loooong time ago so I moved on to wanting to be a ball boy.  Unfortunately, a ball never really came my way, but I’m still glad I did it.

It was an 11:00AM start so the kids were out in full force.  I got to sign some autographs, and it was fun seeing the smiling faces on a gorgeous Wednesday afternoon.


We look forward to seeing everyone at AutoZone Park!

Almost Here!

Hey everyone!  Dave here.  Well, the home opener here at AutoZone Park is just around the corner and everyone’s been real busy getting everything ready.

Meanwhile, the Redbirds have been playing pretty well on the road since Opening Day six days ago.  They’re 4-2 and have won four of their last five. 

I know it’s early, but it looks like the Redbirds have a real shot of repeating as PCL Champs.  Meanwhile, keep checking the Redbirds website daily to follow LIVE play by play of the games as well as game recaps.

Can’t wait to see everyone for the home opener on Friday!