Rockin out

Hey everyone!  Dave here.  Earlier this afternoon we were treated to some pretty good guitar playing and singing down in Conroy’s training room.  In case you didn’t know, he is the Redbirds’ athletic trainer who’s responsible for making sure these players are healthy enough to play.

As much as Conroy (below) would disagree, he’s a very good guitarist and singer.  He kicked off the jam session by singing some good Irish songs as well as throwing in some more well known stuff like the Beatles.


conroy pan.jpg

When he was all done, Jordan took her guitar back from Conroy and played as well!  Once again, excellent job Jordan.  She’s actually still playing and putting on another show for more of us in our office as I’m writing this blog.  I’ll take this over Pandora any day.

jordan tight.jpg

jordan pan.jpg



Sam was also in attendance, and he’s currently dabbling to learn some songs.  Sorry Sam, you got a long way to go.

As for me, my musical days left me when I put the clarinet down in the eighth grade.  I’ll leave the music to people who actually have musical talent.

Keep on rockin!

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