RBI Camps

Photo Jun 11, 10 19 42 AM


Several hundred boys and girls from the Memphis Redbirds’ RBI program (Reviving Baseball in the Inner Cities) participated in a special camp this morning. Redbirds pitchers Dean Kiekhefer and Nick Greenwood, first baseman Xavier Scruggs, outfielder Tommy Pham and catcher Dante Rosenberg provided hands-on instruction to a group of 300 kids from RBI. Each of the players hosted stations for the camp attendees that featured pitching, hitting off a batting tee, baserunning, and fielding. At the
conclusion of camp, the five Redbirds players signed autographs.


Photo Jun 11, 11 11 02 AM

Reliever Nick Greenwood hits ground balls

Photo Jun 11, 10 58 20 AM

Tommy Pham has stolen eight bases this season. He shared his thoughts on baserunning.

Photo Jun 11, 10 28 13 AMPhoto Jun 11, 11 09 55 AM

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