Twitter Talk – In-Season

It is more than a month into the season and players have been active on Twitter. In this edition we see trash talk, movie references and some talk about food.

Springfield pitcher Kurt Heyer drops a line from “The Rookie.”

Springfielder outfielder Mike O’Neill talks some trash with Memphis infielder Jermaine Curtis about their alma maters’ baseball teams.

Former Redbird Randal Grichuk was ecstatic about getting the promotion to St. Louis.

Memphis reliever David Aardsma congratulates teammate Angel Castro on becoming a father.

Palm Beach starting pitcher Marco Gonzalez must have been walking through a flood.

Memphis pitcher Tim Cooney is going to want to visit Colorado again in the offseason.

Former Memphis pitchers Shelby Miller, Michael Wacha and Seth Maness enjoy some food during their series against the Cubs in Chicago. The bibs look nice on them.

Memphis first baseman Xavier Scruggs is always working hard.

John Gast and Tyrell Jenkins, who are both rehabbing from injuries, give one another grief.

Springfield infielder Jonathan Rodriguez gave some praise to his teammates after a good win.


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