Rockey’s Bday Present: Winning Mascot Mania!

(Allison Rhoades/ Memphis Redbirds)

(Allison Rhoades/ Memphis Redbirds)

Today, around 15 years ago, the “Best Bird in Baseball” was born. We’re not 100 percent sure of the year, but we do know Rockey the Redbird likes to celebrate in a big way. He’s invited some of his closest mascot friends in the Mid-south to AutoZone Park tonight for his party! The guest list includes: Pouncer of The University of Memphis, Howl of Arkansas State University, Sheldon and River Thing from the Mississippi RiverKings, and more!

Game time is set for 6:05 PM, but the birdie birthday festivities start when the gates open at 5 PM!

Now to the best part. Make it the best birthday ever by voting for Rockey to be the Best Mascot in the Pacific Coast League in the MiLB Mascot Madness!

Don’t stop there! Next, vote for our Double-A cohorts the Springfield Cardinals’ mascot, Louie, as the Best Mascot of the Texas League!

Here’s the link!


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