#Twinterview with @JermaineCurtis

In case you missed our ‘Twinterview’ with Cardinals minor league third baseman Jermaine Curtis on Friday, here is the conversation.

@memphisredbirds: Here we go! @JermaineCurtis are you ready to get started? #Twinterview

@JermaineCurtis : Ready as I will ever be! Let’s go Cardinal Nation!!! #twinterview

@memphisredbirds: Where do you live in the offseason and where do you call home? #Twinterview

@JermaineCurtis: Great question. I feel like I live out of a luggage since I play with the Cardinals and then play in mexico after for 4 months. This is the time in which I am home. Rancho Cucamongo, CA, is where my family lives. #twinterview

@memphisredbirds: Describe the experience playing in the Mexican Pacific League this past winter #Twinterview

@JermaineCurtis: The competition and overall experience is great. I play with guys who have played in the MLB and they help me in my game. The best part about it is that I continue to play baseball year round. It’s a blessing #twinterview

@memphisredbirds: You played baseball at UCLA for 3 years. Was it a difficult decision to leave before your senior season? #Twinterview

@JermaineCurtis: Yes it was a difficult decision to leave. UCLA is a huge family and I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and time. But, it was the next chapter in my life that I had to get on to #uclabruins #twinterview

@memphisredbirds: Everyone here boasts about SEC baseball. How does the PAC 12 stack up, being that you’re a bruins guy? # Twinterview

@JermaineCurtis: Hahaha we debate about this every year in our clubhouse. Everyone knows the PAC 12 has the best pitching and prospects. Check the last 5 years #PAC12domination #twinterview

@memphisredbirds: You were an All-Star and won the TL championship with @Sgf_Cardinals last year. What are your goals for 2013? #Twinterview

@JermaineCurtis: To continue to improve, have fun, win, win, and win for the Cardinals. My question to you guys-Are you guys excited for this year? What are your guys goals for 2013? #Twinterview ha

@JermaineCurtis: I also want to help promote @base and #UpcomingPros.com #twinterview

@memphisredbirds: Where was your favorite place to eat while in Memphis last year? #Twinterview

@JermaineCurtis: My favorite place to eat was BB Kings Blues. So delicious. I hope to try other places this year. Any recommendations? #twinterview

@memphisredbirds: @MajesticGrille, @HueysRestaurant, @Rendevous_Ribs, @kookycanuck are good places #Twinterview

@memphisredbirds: Which #Cardinals player doyou model your game after? #Twinterview

@JermaineCurtis: Great question-I model my game after every Cardinals player. Having heart, toughness, drive, hardworking, etc. The Cardinals teach us the Cardinal Way and that is why we are winners #cardinalnation #cardinals #babybirds #twinterview

@memphisredbirds: Who was your favorite MLB player growing up and why? #twinterview

@JermaineCurti : KEN GRIFFEY JR. He was very cool and talented. He had a presence about him that you couldn’t ignore. He inspired many people to play the game #twinterview

@memphisredbirds: The Oscars (@TheAcademy) are this weekend. Can you give a brief review of a movie you have seen lately? #Twinterview

@JermaineCurtis: Hahaha the last movie I saw was #WarmBodies and I didn’t like it much #twinterview

@memphisredbirds : Which actor would portray you in a movie about your life? #Twinterview

@JermaineCurtis: #WillSmith because he is driven and passionate as I am. He and I want to take over the world. #legend #twinterview #Business

@memphisredbirds: Good answer. One last Question: Tell us something about you that the fans don’t already know. #Twinterview

@JermaineCurtis: I own a business where I put breathalyzer machines in bars in LA to help save lives against drinking and driving. In addition, it has a 12 inch screen on it where I sell avertisements. The name of that site is called Afflotech.com #Twinterview #entrepenuers #MADD #Upcomingpros.com

@memphisredbirds: That’s all from us in Memphis! Thanks to @JermaineCurtis: for participating in today’s #Twinterview! Good luck this season, Jermaine!

@JermaineCurtis: thank you and to everyone who tuned in #arribaloscardinales #twinterview

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