Redbirds #Twinterview With Pitcher Michael Blazek

In cased you missed our #twinterview last week with former Redbirds pitcher Michael Blazek, below is the transcript from the conversation.

@memphisredbirds: Here we go! @MichaelBlazek34 are you ready to get this#Twinterview started?
@MichaelBlazek34: I’m ready when you are guys #twinterview

@memphisredbirds: Where do you live in the offseason and where do you call home? #Twinterview
@MichaelBlazek34: I live in Las Vegas in the offseason and call it home, born and raised #twinterview

@memphisredbirds: Do you gamble? What is your favorite casino in Las Vegas? #twinterview
@MichaelBlazek34: I learned my lesson when I was 21 that I wasn’t meant to go to the casino haha, I try to save my money now #twinterview

@memphisredbirds: What do your offseason workouts consist of? Do the Cardinals provide a routine? #twinterview
@MichaelBlazek34: yea, I stick to the workout the cards give us during the offseason but add an upper and lower lift each week #twinterview

@memphisredbirds: You were added to the #Cardinals 40-man roster this offseason. What are your goals for 2013?#twinterview
@MichaelBlazek34: to have a healthy year and to get up the St. Louis and pitch, I’m really excited for this season

@memphisredbirds: What’s the biggest difference between starting and being a reliever? Which do you prefer?
@MichaelBlazek34: I’d say being prepared to throw in a game every day instead of every 5. I just want to pitch so either one #twinterview

@memphisredbirds: What’s been best part of being in#Cardinals organization so far? #twinterview
@MichaelBlazek34: I’ve enjoyed every part of it since the day I’ve been drafted. #twinterview

@memphisredbirds: Which MLB pitcher do you model your game after? #twinterview
@MichaelBlazek34: always been a fan of watching Kerry wood pitch, I know he’s a “cub” he’s been the guy I’ve always watched #twinterview

@memphisredbirds: What have you learned in your brief time in the Pacific Coast League? How is it different from Texas League? #twinterview
@MichaelBlazek34: it’s more pitcher friendly but I tried to keep it simple and not change anything from AA and AAA

@memphisredbirds: Being drafted in the 35th rd, do you feel you’ve had to work harder than others to get where you are now? #twinterview
@MichaelBlazek34: I’ve always tried to work hard but I try not to compare myself with other guys just take care of my stuff #twinterview

@memphisredbirds: Who is the funniest person in the Cardinals organization? #twinterview
@MichaelBlazek34: we have some good ones but I’d say deryk hooker gets most guys laughing #twinterview

@memphisredbirds: Do you have a favorite place to eat in Memphis? In Springfield? #twinterview
@MichaelBlazek34: I haven’t really been able to eat around much in Memphis so not yet, Springfield has to be purple burrito haha #twinterview

@memphisredbirds: Who has been the biggest influence on your pitching style? #twinterview
@MichaelBlazek34: I’ve had a lot of good pitching coaches from the time I started pitching and each one has played a big role #twinterview

@memphisredbirds: Have you talked to Bryan Eversgerd since he was named the Redbirds’ new pitching coach for next season? #twinterview
@MichaelBlazek34: I talked to him two days ago and he wanted to see how things were going, he sounded excited to be up there.#twinterview

@memphisredbirds: Ok one final question. What is your most memorable baseball moment? #twinterview
@MichaelBlazek34: I’d say senior year high school when we won the regionals to get to state or the day I got drafted #twinterview

@memphisredbirds: That’s all from us in Memphis! Thanks to @MichaelBlazek34 for participating in today’s #Twinterview! Good luck next season, Michael!
@MichaelBlazek34: thanks to all the fans who participated and asked questions.. I’m excited for next season as well #twinterview

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