Redbirds #Twinterview Transcript With Joe Kelly

In cased you missed our #twinterview with Cardinals pitcher and former Redbird Joe Kelly, below is the transcript from yesterday’s conversation.

@memphisredbirds: Ok @Joe_Kelly_Jr are you ready to get this #Twinterview started?
@Joe_Kelly_Jr: I am ready whenever you guys are! #Twinterview

@memphisredbirds: Where do you live in the offseason and where do you call home? #Twinterview
@Joe_Kelly_Jr: I live in Anaheim ca and call it home #Twinterview

@memphisredbirds: How will you be spending the Christmas holidays?#Twinterview
@Joe_Kelly_Jr: I will be driving all around Southern California to all my relatives houses and my gf house #Twinterview

@memphisredbirds: What was the first thing you did when you got home following the season? #Twinterview
@Joe_Kelly_Jr: I went apartment searching and spent time with some family and my dogs #Twinterview

@memphisredbirds: What are your offseason activities in California to relax? #Twinterview
@Joe_Kelly_Jr: I love to play golf. I am actually playing as we do this #Twinterview

@memphisredbirds: So how good at golf are you? Do you know your handicap? #Twinterview
@Joe_Kelly_Jr: I am decent and a 14 handicap #Twinterview

@memphisredbirds: PS3 or Xbox360? Which @Cardinals player is best at Call of Duty? #Twinterview
@Joe_Kelly_Jr: I am a xbox360 guy and I have played some guys but I think I’m the best lol #Twinterview

@memphisredbirds: If you end up in the #Cardinals bullpen this year, will you grow a beard? #Twinterview
@Joe_Kelly_Jr: my playoff beard wasn’t very good so most likely no beard haha #Twinterview

@memphisredbirds: Who was the first person you called last year when you were called up to St. Louis? #Twinterview
@Joe_Kelly_Jr: that was one of the best days of my life and my father was the first person I called #Twinterview

@memphisredbirds: Awesome. Can you describe your MLB debut starting against Cleveland in June last season?
@Joe_Kelly_Jr: I was really calm in the clubhouse and through the first inning. The second inning I realized where I was and got
@Joe_Kelly_Jr: really nervous and had to settle them down. I was really excited and had blast #Twinterview

@memphisredbirds: And two starts later, how did it feel to pitch a quality start for your first victory at Kansas City?
@Joe_Kelly_Jr: that was incredible and after that game the team bathed me in ice cold water #Twinterview

@memphisredbirds: Have you talked to Blaise Ilsley since he was named the Cardinals’ new bullpen coach for next season? #Twinterview
@Joe_Kelly_Jr: I haven’t had the chance to but glad he got that job #Twinterview

@memphisredbirds: What do you think your chances are of getting into the starting rotation this coming up season? #Twinterview
@Joe_Kelly_Jr: I don’t know them but I will be ready to go and do whatever is asked if me #Twinterview

@memphisredbirds: Who was your favorite player growing up? Any sports. #Twinterview
@Joe_Kelly_Jr: ken Griffey jr!!!! #Twinterview

@memphisredbirds: What is your favorite TV show on right now and why? #Twinterview
@Joe_Kelly_Jr: dexter just ended so I will have to go with the walking dead. I just love zombie stuff I guess #Twinterview

@memphisredbirds: One final question: 64 days til Spring Training… are you ready? #Twinterview
@Joe_Kelly_Jr: I am always ready #Twinterview

@memphisredbirds: That’s it from us here in Memphis! Thanks to @Joe_Kelly_Jr for participating in today’s #Twinterview! Good luck next season, Joe!
@Joe_Kelly_Jr: thank you guys was fun #Twinterview

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