Player Spotlight: Second Baseman, Daniel Descalso

Daniel Descalso joined the Redbirds this season being ranked as the Cardinals no. nine prospect, he played consistently for the first two months in 44 consecutive games all at second base.Descalso continued to play very well, that is, until June 29th when him and Tyler Greene collided with one another going after a play over second base. Greene’s knee struck Descalso in the shoulder putting Descalso on the disabled list with a broken collar bone.

Good news is, it’s been almost a month and Descalso was reactivated from the DL July 27th going 3-for-9 with one run scored since being back and has extended his hit streak to five games, including three games from before his DL stint. Looks like he’s back and better than ever!

Here is an article about Descalso from earlier this year:

Redbirds’ Daniel Descalso wants clutch situations and a video of him from when he first arrived in Memphis: Daniel Descalso interview with StLtoday

…and a little more about number 13 that most of you probably didn’t know, enjoy!



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Full Name: Daniel William Descalso

Nicknames: DD, Dirty D, ‘Scals

Hometown:San Carlos, CA

Favorite baseball player of all time: Carney Lansford

What is your best moment on the diamond? Being a part of the gold medal winning team USA last year in the Baseball World Cup.


What team did you watch growing up? I was a big Oakland A’s fan

If you weren’t in baseball, what would you be doing? Probably something business related, running my own company.

Where do you see yourself in 25 years? Sitting in my backyard by my pool.


Favorite food: My Grandma’s homemade ravioli

Newest Hobby: FIFA World Cup Soccer

Favorite movie: Rudy

I’m afraid of… heights.

Favorite TV Show: “24”

Song that gets you pumped up: “Automatic” by E-40

Most embarrassing moment while playing baseball: Forgetting the number of outs one time in college and running and getting double up.

Favorite play in a baseball game: Anytime you can make a diving play and take a hit from someone is pretty fun.


Tell us one thing about you the fans don’t already know…I have five younger brothers and sisters and my last name in Spanish is ‘barefoot’.

If you were on a reality TV show which one would it be? The Real World

Best prank pulled that you’ve seen or been a part of while in pro ball: In 2008, a teammate and I took another guy’s keys to his car, filled his AC vents
with baby powder and turned his air conditioning on high so when he got in and turned on his car after the game he got sprayed with baby powder all in the

Who is your greatest influence? My dad, growing up he was always around coaching me in baseball and always being a good role model for me.


What is your favorite off-day activity? Nice BBQ, hang out by the pool, etc.

Describe yourself in five words or less: Hard-working, all around good guy.

Do you have any autographs? I have a Derek Jeter one and my favorite one is my Joe DiMaggio autograph picture

What is the most difficult part about playing professional baseball? The grind, the long season, the 140 games and the travel, it all adds up.

What do you like best about the city of Memphis? The history

Any broken bone stories? I have a broken collar bone right now…it was a play over second base, me and Tyler Greene were both going after it. I dove and he slid, his knee hit me in the shoulder and I broke my collar bone.

If you were a kid would you rather be the one in Rookie of the Year, Angels in the Outfield or Little Big League? Rookie of the Year Rookie of the Year because he’s the only one that actually plays.

Three things you can’t live without: My computer, my ipod and my family.

What is your favorite thing about being a Redbird? Playing at AutoZonePark..

 AZP Outsid.jpg

Lightning Round Responses

Dogs or Cats

Summer or Winter

Fruits or Vegetables

Movies or Books

Offense or Defense

Ketchup or Mustard

Sunflower Seeds or Bubble Gum

Have the ability to fly or read people’s minds

Be able to stop time while you slept or never have to do laundry



That about wraps it up!

Jordan. Out.

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