THE DECISION……has been made

Hey everyone!  Dave here.  Well, THE DECISION was announced last night by Lebron James as I’m sure you all know by now.  Normally I wouldn’t spent any time on this on the Redbirds blog because everyone under the sun has made their opinions heard on one format or another.  However, when our PA announcer announced to the crowd “The King” was going to Miami there was a pretty significant reaction from the crowd.  So since you people (myself included) care about this, I’ll let you know how it should have gone down last night.

lebron 2.jpg

Jordan and I were discussing this in the press box during last night’s game:
The room that ‘Bron was announcing his decision should have been completely dark to start.  Then loud music (we were thinking Jock Jams), lasers and pyrotechnics should have consumed the room upon his entrance.  He proceeds to dance his way to the chair, takes a seat and says…”hit it Will!”


Will Smith blasts into the room with a microphone and breaks into “Miami” as Lebron dances out of the room.  I mean seriously, if you’re going to hold the audience captive for a full hour and keep the world waiting…might as well do it in style, and Jordan and I agree this would have been the best way to do it.  Maybe it’s just because we love Will Smith because you have to admit he is pretty awesome.

Anyway, doubleheader tonight at AZP so come on down for that.  If you can’t make it tonight, we have fireworks on Saturday and a day game on Sunday before the All-Star Break.  Also, make sure to stay tuned to Chirp Chatter as I’ll break down the Redbirds’ first half and give you thoughts and analysis on our team.

By the way, “Miami” is an extremely catchy song…check it out. >

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