Media Day!

Hey everyone!  Dave here.  With opening day just one day away, things are getting really exciting around AutoZone Park.  All of the players are here, and have been getting ready for the season.  Yesterday was media day at the park, so different media outlets throughout the region were here snapping photos, collecting footage and conducting interviews as the players had a light workout on the field.  The weather was awesome, and here are some photos I was able to take from yesterday:

I wasn’t lying when I said the weather was awesome

Groundskeeper Andrew keeping the infield dirt nice and neat

A few pitchers were tossing the ball around in the outfield

            The marketing department was shooting some videos with the players

                  Some reviewed their lines before stepping in front of the camera

The players like Pete Parise (above) were able to have fun with it

                 Other players used some time to catch up with family and friends


And of course…the media

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