RiverKings fun!

Hey everyone!  Dave here.  As promised, I have a boat load of photos from Friday night at the RiverKings game.  It was a good night all of the way around as not only did the RiverKings win, but there was a gurney race between our very own Rockey and one of their mascots, the RiverThing, during the second intermission.  Rockey was also prouncing around the arena throughout the game entertaining fans.  Here are some photos I was able to snap:

pregame fan.jpgRockey entertaining fans before the game

rocky pregame.jpgRockey giving me the double thumbs up

 face off.jpgRockey dropping the puck for the opening face off

jason.jpg                            Jason, our Ticket Sales Manager was on hand

ingame fans.jpgRockey making sure the fans are ready for the season!

rocky entertaining.jpgRockey entertaining the masses


Onto the race…

Jordan and Marketing intern Matt are ready to join Rockey for the gurney race!

prehalf kid.jpgRockey still finding the time to entertain the kids right before the race







Rockey on the gurney and ready to go

Rockey and Thing getting into it before the race
midrace.jpgAnd they’re off!




Matt is lucky he got up from his spill before I could take a picture of it

They switch it up as Rockey pushes Jordan and Matt to victory!

victory I.jpgJordan celebrating.  Matt on the other hand, looks like he needs to catch his breath. 





Looks like Matt finally caught his breath and is all smiles


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