Here comes the birthday boy!

For today’s intern highlight, we chose our recent birthday boy and Player Operations Intern- Sam!


Name: Sam Dores

Hometown:San Diego, CA

College and major/degree(s): UCLA – Psychology, San DiegoState – Sports Business MBA

Hobbies: Gym, tan, laundry, just like JerseyShore…. But seriously, playing sports, watching sports, concerts, movies, working out

Likes: Food, funny people, music, the pac-10

Dislikes: Inconsiderate people, coffee, USC

Favorite Baseball Team: Padres

Favorite Baseball Player of all-time: Tony Gwynn

Favorite play in a baseball game: Suicide Squeeze

Favorite Sports Movie of all-time: Little Giants

Favorite Sports Quote: “They are who we thought they were… We let them off the hook” – Denny Green

Best sports moment as a fan or a player: watching UCLA beat USC in football at my final college home game or going to the final four to watch UCLA basketball make it to the championship

Thing you like most about sports: The skill level

Why do you want to work in sports?: Because it’s my first passion

What do you want to get out of your internship with the Redbirds?: A tryout with the Cardinals…or a job, whichever comes first

What does your specific internship entail?: Handling any responsibilities related to the team or players themselves as well as part of
the game day staff

Career Aspirations: To run my own sports facility

Three things you cannot live without: my ipod, my blackberry and friends/family

If you were a beverage, what kind of beverage would you be?:Capri Sun, because I’m a kid at heart

Theme song to your life: Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel or “On the Road Again” by Willie Nelson

What is the background on your cell phone?: Sunset


Although it was Friday, Sam, here’s one last…


Signing off, I’m Jordan. And that’s your Intern Highlight for today!

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