Redbirds Secrets: Brett Wallace


According to the Media Guide

August 26,1986 at Sonoma, California

Resides: Sonoma, California

According to Brett

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Ballplayer Growing Up:
Ken Griffey Jr.

Clubhouse Nicknames: ‘Wally’ or ‘B-dub’

Favorite Famous Wallace: Sir William Wallace

Band or Artist You’re Listening to Currently: “I’m a big T.I. guy right now.”

Newest Hobby: “Play on my new iPhone.”

Best Thing to do in Sonoma: Spend time with family, brothers and niece

Recent Broken Bone Story:  “I’ve only broken one bone in my entire life and I was six…playing baseball in the backyard, I jumped up and broke my foot trying to rob a home run.”

Lightning Round Responses

  • Dogs over Cats
  • Summer over Winter
  • Fruits over Vegetables
  • Movies over Books
  • Offense over Defense
  • Country Music over Water Sports

Memphis’ Best Kept Secret: “That’s tough because I haven’t been here long…I’d say the Redbirds, because we’re losing right now, but we’ll turn it around. We’re going to do better the second half.”

Brett Wallace’s Best Kept Secret: “I’d say that I’m shy, because people think I’m not. People think I’m really outgoing, but I’m really shy.”

Shane Robinson’s Best Kept Secret: “Shane wears Affliction every day. If you see someone wearing Affliction in Memphis, it’s probably Shane.”

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