One of the great things about working with the Redbirds thus far is experiencing the virtual melting pot that surrounds the game of baseball. This year’s intern class alone features representatives from nine states all over the U.S. From the Puerto Rican clubhouse attendants to the bevy of international players on our roster, AutoZonePark becomes a literal kaleidoscope of cultures that come together every time the ‘Birds play a game.

In the ‘Birds last homestand, Alex and I were provided the opportunity to share an international snack with the Redbirds Australian strength and conditioning coach, Cameron Brown.

Upon trying the Vegemite, Cameron told Alex and I that it had a taste similar to the generally well-liked chocolate spread Nutella.

After our initial and only run-in with this overly-salty jar of gross, it is safe to say that Vegemite has done the impossible. It has managed to capture the smell of dog food, transform it into an actual taste and then have it haunt your mouth for a solid hour-and-a-half. A tip of the multicultural hat to you, Australia!

Lesson learned and never again. We have included photos below to as a kind of visual precautionary tale to keep this from happening to anyone else. Thank you again, Cameron!


Ben and Alex begin their edible journey. Visions of Nutella hold spirits high.veg2.JPGBen jumps right in while Alex watches, testing the water.

veg3.JPGBefore the finger even leaves the mouth, Ben can already tell something is not right.

veg4.JPGAlex gets involved, but proceeds with caution. Ben disgusted.

veg4n.JPGAlex starts generating an uneasy taste, while Ben questions the “spread”.

veg5.JPGThe over-bearing wave of salt proves to be too much for both Ben and Alex.

One comment

  1. amandaj

    Ha. I’m an Australian coming to Memphis for a holiday in July — already got my Redbirds ticket so I am very pleased to know you have an Aussie on staff!

    Foreigners always make the mistake of spreading Vegemite on too thick. A mere dab on a snadwich is heaven, but I’d never sccop it straight out of the jar. 😉

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