Last Minute Moves

There were a few moves this weekend among the Redbirds, including our boss Kyle’s return to Memphis. For Ben and I, this means no more hallway hockey on the press level and for you readers, it means back to the two interns making all the posts. Yep.

Opening Day is a little more than a week away, Spring Training is near finished and the Cardinals exhibition with the Redbirds is just days away. With all of these events on the horizon, the final opening day rosters are just about set.

Over the weekend, Chris Perez was optioned to Memphis. The right-handed reliever pitched for a 3.20 ERA with the ‘Birds last season accumulating 11 saves and 38 strikeouts. While he should prove to be a reliable reliever in the ‘Birds bullpen early on, it wouldn’t be out of the question to see Perez in a St. Louis uniform sometime this season. Perez spent 41.2 innings on the mound with a 3.46 ERA for the Cardinals in 2008.

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