Technology! We did it!

Hello and welcome to what will be many new entries into the world of two dudes interning with the Redbirds. Hopefully this will be an enjoyable experience for those who are fans of the Redbirds, the sport of baseball and the even bigger game…of life. And more importantly, we hope this won’t be a complete waste of time. We’ll be making new posts as much as possible to keep you informed about the comings-and-goings of the Redbirds family. We absolutely encourage and welcome as much feedback as possible. Our goal is to make this area as much about you guys as it is about letting everyone know what’s happening with the Redbirds this season. So, make sure and tell us what you like, what needs improvement and what you think is just absolutely horrible. We can take it.

Let’s get started with some background information to show you that we aren’t just a couple of 17-year-old punks who don’t know the first thing about life, we both have college degrees! Introducing: Ben and Alex…

Ben’s take on Alex:
In his apparent quest for the perfect indie-chic outfit, Alex made his way to Memphis by way of Knoxville, TN, where he received a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Tennessee. Outside of baseball, Alex is an authority on all things Nashville Predators and is a firm believer in the glory that is novelty pin collecting. Where as most males might be bashful of their shortcomings, Alex is frighteningly open about his paralyzing fear of flying insects and knows when to bring in reinforcements when bug killing dirty work needs to be enacted. He has a well-developed background in the underground music scene, always keeping his ear to the ground to catch what new sounds are making their way to the listening public. He’s pretty good at it, too. Some call him skinny, but most of us call him friend. Thanks for all you do.

Alex’s take on Ben:
If there’s one thing that is glaringly obvious when you walk into the Redbirds Media Department, it’s the fact that there is a Texan in the room. Thankfully the office has a dress code policy, leaving his boots and spurs hanging in the closet at home. Granted I’ve only known the 24-year-old spittoonin’ cowboy for a little over a month, but not a day goes by without a ‘guns up’ cheer and hand gesture (the equivalent of a pleasant ‘how are you’ in Lubbock, the proud city of Texas Tech and Ben’s college of choice). Ben is using this internship to fulfill his final 6 credits to earn his Master’s in Mass Communication. Overkill I think. So while the Texan pride may not yet be evident in his writing, before long you could start seeing posts about the Astros, Rockets and dirt.

We’ll start getting into a little baseball and begin gearing up for the season in future posts. Along the way we might throw in some music, movies and other miscellaneous interests, but first and foremost we are a baseball blog meant to let you know what’s happening with your Memphis Redbirds. Stay tuned.


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